Essential.HR optimizes and secures every step of recruitment.


We conduct extensive phone, video and in-depth face-to-face interviews to investigate our candidates' background and environment, their skill sets and accomplishments as well as their limits, failures and key areas of progress. We gauge their personality and behavior, their interests and motivations.

Thanks to the exclusive IS-P&M© assessment method,  its competency frameworks and 48 selection criteria, we design a customized test adapted to the position and environment of each of our clients.

Our candidates are screened with these two primary questions:

  • Will they deliver in this role?
  • Will they be a good fit with this organization?

Methodically handling reference and background checks, we closely monitor the recruited candidate’s notice and trial periods with weekly debriefings.

Thus, an effective onboarding is ensured as well as a successful integration into the position, the team and the company.

In addition, a 12 month-period is guaranteed upon candidate’s acceptance of the job offer.

In case of departure or failure, we are commited to find another candidate for the position without additional fees.*


Essential.HR also optimizes the job analysis and the candidate search upstream.

These two stages are crucial in a highly competitive market affected by the shortage of local skilled labor. We conduct

  • a thorough analysis of the recruitment needs and corporate culture (HQ and on site)
  • a global and customized search strategy
  • a complete and detailed job description
  • a deep and responsive sourcing of active, passive and hidden executives worldwide

We therefore use the Push&Pull method.

This complete approach adapts locally the best global methods from different market experts:

  • Solid needs analysis, search and assessment provided by retained executive search boutiques
  • Responsiveness of contingent firms and IT subcontractors
  • Flexibility of temporary staffing agencies
  • Rigorous processes and follow-up in RPO (outsourcing)
  • Long-term vision of corporate recruiters

Anglo-saxon and French visions of recruitment are here combined to optimize their advantages and lower their limits.
This method is part of our commitment
to submit the finalist candidates from the third week with a two-month contractual delivery limit.

  • The Pull phase aims to attract and select the best candidates who have applied to the job posting.

The challenge is not to generate as many candidates as possible but to get the most qualified thanks to a judicious media planning and a relevant description of the position and its stakes.

The most appropriate jobboards are selected to post a detailed and complete job ad with a questionnaire.

We dig deeper to check the information listed on the resume. We go beyond the bullet points and gauge the technical and business skills, the personality, the desire for change and the real motivations of these candidates actively looking for a new job.

  • The Push phase aims to identify, contact and select by direct approach or headhunting, high-potential executives and leaders whose profiles match the client’s needs perfectly.

The challenge is to submit within a few weeks a solid pool of highly qualified candidates that fit the target position thanks to their expertise.
We especially analyze their know-how and deep motivations for the job.


We recruit by direct approach through social networks, resume online databases and other meta-engines.

We optimize their use by state-of-the-art sourcing and acquisition techniques proven for years in global companies, US executive search consulting firms and IT subcontractors. We combine targeted and funnel researches to identify these active and passive candidates.

We also go beyond e-recruitment and sourcing 2.0 as we approach the hidden and selective market of top executives and managers.
These profiles with multiple skills represent for instance 4 to 5% of executives in France.**

They have paradoxically a salary that is often below market as they are poorly identified by competition and most contingent recruiters.
Fully dedicated to their project and their responsibilities, these hidden potential candidates are rarely found on the web 2.0.

We hunt these core target profiles within selected companies via scenario-based identification.

We also use our global, national and local networks (e.g. one million contacts in France).


*: Excluding advertising costs and except special cases

**: Sourcing Cadres Study - APEC Juin 2018


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